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Glow Getter Planner: Digital Life Planner to Manifest Your Goals

March 7, 2022

I’m happy to announce my latest digital planner, the Glow Getter Planner! Here’s a look inside the planner 🙂 The Glow Getter Planner undated horizontal digital planner for you guessed it, glow getters! Use this goal & mindset-oriented planner to plan your ultimate glow up! Both Sunday & Monday start.

Take a tour inside the Glow Getter Planner! ▼

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Why I created the Glow Getter Planner

⭐ I’m the type of person who needs daily reminders that I’m in the right place when I’m stuck, who looks for inspiration when I’m in a rut, and needs a place to organize all my dreams, goals and ideas. This planner is for that person.

Who is the Glow Getter Planner for?

⭐ It’s for the self-motivated go-getter who loves to challenge themselves with goals. Who loves to surround themselves with affirmations & inspiring quotes to get them through the day. Who seeks to find the good through daily gratitude. Who looks are their own mistakes and turns it into lessons. Who gets confronted with perfectionism & impostor syndrome because they are living outside of their comfort zone. This planner is dedicated to you!

✏ The Glow Getter Planner is for use on iPads & tablets, with either an Apple pen or stylus

💻 Use the planner Good Notes, Noteshelf, Notability, Xodo, or any tablet app that can use linked PDFs.

📰 133 pages with Sunday & Monday-start calendars, overview pages, vision & goal worksheets, yearly, monthly & weekly planners, monthly & yearly reviews, motivational infographics, inspiring quote covers for every month & inspiring quotes every page, and sections to make lists and write notes.

Hyperlinked index & tabs for easy & quick navigation

🌈 Happy Boho Playful theme with a colorful palette

📓 Starts with a “Glow Getter Contract” to promise yourself to take responsibility for your life!


☀ 1. Manifest your glow up goals by envisioning your dream life with a the Ultimate Vision worksheet & Vision Board

☀ 2. Create your 5-Year Vision and break down your 1-Year Vision into quarters

☀ 3. Break down your big vision into goals, milestones and smaller, doable steps that you can cross off as you go with the Goal Planner.

☀ 4. Organize the rest of your smaller goals by Area of Life and By the Month

☀ 5. Glance at an entire year’s worth of plans in the Yearly Planner with an overview and track Important Dates.

☀ 6. Keep an eye on your promises for the new year with the News Years Resolution worksheet & Bucket List

☀ 7. Keep yourself inspired to live your best life with motivational graphics on the cover of every section & month. (Worth so much to have in this planner!)

☀ 8. Capture your monthly focus, goals, to-do, appointments & gratitude every month in the Monthly Overview.

☀ 9. Glance each month with undated & dated monthly calendars that start on Sundays or Mondays in the Month at a Glance.

☀ 10. Use the Weekly Planner with ease by writing your weekly focus, top goals, important to-dos and habit tracker.

☀ 11. Resist the urge of overscheduling yourself by giving yourself up to 6 tasks per day.

☀ 12. Inspire yourself every week, continue to see the good that you do, and beat impostor syndrome by filling out the weekly Affirmations, “What Made Me Happy” and “I’m Proud of Myself for…” sections.

☀ 13. Track your daily water intake because every kind of glow up (physical, mental, emotional) starts with 8 glasses of water/day. Bottoms up, sis!

☀ 14. At the end of every month, use the Monthly Wrap-Up to ground yourself in your accomplishments, memorable highlights.

☀ 15. And also explore what worked & didn’t work that month. As well as writing an distractions & fear you came across & ways you can minimize them next month.

☀ 16. Reflect on your entire year with the Year in Review section. Continue to see the good in your life by filling out This Year’s Highlights to be grateful for the past year.

☀ 17. Embrace all the little things that brought you joy with This Year’s Favorites & Best Five moments.

☀ 18. While self-reflection is scary, it’s necessary for growth. Answer the prompts to reflect all the good & not so good the past year. Give advice to yourself, learn from your lessons for an improved next year.


• Hello message (a thank you from me + links to contact me if you need anything)

• Hyperlinked Index Page & Hyperlinked Tabs

• Motivational Infographics (to inspire your day)


• Glow Up Contract

• Ultimate Vision

• Vision Board

• 5 Year Vision

• This Year’s Vision

• Goal Planner & Tracker

• Goals by Area of Life

• Goals by the Month


• This Year, I Will…

• This Year’s Bucket List

• This Year’s Plans

• Important Dates


• Inspirational infographic & cover

• Monthly Overview (monthly focus, goals, to-do, appointments, daily gratitude)

• Month at a Glance (calendar)

• 5 Weeks of Weekly Planners

• Monthly Wrap-Up (top accomplishments, highlights, what worked & didn’t work, plans for next month)


• 7-Day Weekly Planning

• This Week’s Focus

• Top 3 Goals

• To-Do List

• Habit Tracker

• Water Intake Tracker

• Affirmation

• What Made Me Happy

• I’m Proud of Myself For…

• Notes


• This Year’s Highlights

• This Year’s Favorites

• Best Five

• Self Reflection


• Ruled / Lined – for classic note taking

• Graph – for those who love structure!

• Dot grid – bullet journal style

• Blank – great for sketching


• Glow Up Recipe

• Finding Purpose

• New Year Resolutions

• Daily Intention Ideas

• Productive Morning

• Self Care menu

• Ego Vs. Higher Self

• 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

• Daily Affirmations

• Perfectionism Pitfalls

• Money Manifestations

• Simplify Your Life

• Drainers Vs. Givers

• Impostor Syndrome

• Note to Self

• Things to Let Go Of


• 1 x Sunday-Start Glow Getter Undated or 2022 Digital Planner PDF

• 1 x Monday-Start Glow Getter Undated or 2022 Digital Planner PDF

If you’re unsure about using a digital planner, download my FREE digital planner from my resource library to try it out:

Click below to get the Glow Getter Planner on Etsy!

Undated Glow Getter Planner 2022 Glow Getter Planner

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