Every time I tell people I’m a blogger, the one question I always get is “how do you make money from blogging?” Then I go into my whole spiel about sponsorships, ads, and affiliate marketing. They are great ways to make passive income (money earned while you sleep) but I like to diversify my income in ways that would help my blog & myself grow. Enter: Products & services! In this video, I share the behind-the-scenes of how I make money by selling planners and offering business services. As well as things I do as someone who works from home.

*I may collect a share of sales from links on this page. I’m very picky about the products & resources I promote. And I would only recommend the ones that are highly-rated or ones that I have had the best experience with. Read my Affiliate Disclaimer here.

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In my video, I talk about things like:

  • How I make money blogging
  • Active income vs. passive income
  • Behind-the-scenes of creating my first physical product – Glow Getter Planner!
  • “How much should I charge for web design?”
  • How I empower myself when things go wrong in my business
  • How I meal prep as a busy creator & housewife
  • And overall work-from-home life!


Excluding money I make from sponsorships, ads & affiliate marketing, I also make money by creating & selling planners on Etsy and offering business services like logo design, web design & video editing. I love this work. I get to be creative and that alone makes me happy!

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